Post Update: Dr. Hubbard is currently only offering appointments to his active cancer patients. All other surgeries and appointments are being rescheduled. Our team is reaching out to everyone who is on the schedule.

We understand that this is a scary time for everyone. New information is being released daily and it is important to ensure that the information that you are reading is from reliable sources.

As a surgeon, a husband, and a parent, the safety of my patients, staff and family is always my number one priority.

The elective cosmetic surgery I perform is done so in facilities outside of the hospital setting. The risk of exposure to coronavirus at these facilities is very low. I am aware of what hospitals are currently treating coronavirus patients, and you can rest assured I won’t be going to those facilities, thus your surgery will not be scheduled at one.

Our office and outpatient surgery centers will continue to remain open only to active cancer patients. News from various sources like the Surgeon General and elsewhere regarding elective surgeries is related to the need to create capacity at larger hospitals / health systems to care for the sickest patients, as well as handle any influx of suspected COVID-19 patients. The outpatient facilities that we perform cosmetic surgeries in serve a different purpose in our communities are not being used to treat infectious diseases.

Our team has implemented enhanced screening protocols for everyone who visits our office or surgical centers during this time.

    • We are offering phone/video consultations for patients who to keep their scheduled consultation.
    • Patients who are visiting our office may only bring one friend or family member to their visit or on the day of their surgery. This will help us limit the number of people in the waiting room.
    • If you have recently traveled internationally or to a high-risk area, please reschedule your appointment for at least 2 weeks past your trip return date.
    • Please reschedule if you do not feel well for any reason at all.
    • We are always committed to sanitary practices in our offices, which includes wiping down every surface after each patient. During this time we have also moved to one-time use products such as paper gowns.
    • We are postponing visits with patients whose surgery was more than one month ago.
    • We are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing, but especially those in the period 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.

My heart goes out to everyone who is being affected by this pandemic. If there are any questions or concerns that my team may answer for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.