Before and after photos play an important role at the time of the initial consultation for breast augmentation surgery. Many of the patients, who are keen to enhance the size, volume, and fullness of breasts, may not have a clear idea of what kind of benefits they may achieve through breast augmentation. Dr. Hubbard will evaluate their condition as well as assess their aesthetic goals before discussing various cosmetic surgery treatment options available to them. If breast augmentation is the most suited procedure, he will provide a clear explanation about what breast augmentation can or cannot do.

Dr. Hubbard also encourages his patients in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, and nearby areas to ask questions and clear all their doubts and concerns before making a decision about breast enhancement plastic surgery procedure. However, despite the best verbal explanations of the surgeon, many patients may still not obtain a clear visual imagination about what kind of benefits they can achieve through breast augmentation. This is where before and after photos of the procedure can serve as a useful tool to give a clear visual idea to the patient about the procedure.

See Breast Augmentation (breast implants) Before and After Photos:

Breast Augmentation Surgery Before After Photos Dallas | PlanoBreast Augmentation Surgery Before After Photos Dallas | Plano

What are Before and After Pictures?

Before and after pictures of various procedures are usually available at the office of an experienced plastic surgeon who uses them as a reference point for new patients. These are discreetly taken pictures of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure. The set of pictures include one or more photos of a period prior to the breast augmentation surgery, and another one or more photos of a period after the surgery.

This set of pictures may be taken at various stages after the procedure because the full effects of the surgery will appear within some time as the bruising and swelling subsides. The cosmetic surgeon may also provide these pictures at their practice website. This is helpful to potential patients who are not yet ready to visit the surgeon’s office but are keen to understand what benefits they can receive from breast augmentation surgery. They can simply visit the surgeon’s website and view the digital photos online.

Benefits in case of Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery requires the patient to make a choice between saline and silicone implants, and also decide on the size, shape and texture of the implants. Some patients may need to visualize how they will appear with different sizes of implants, and different shapes such as tear shape and round shape implants. The success of the breast implant procedure depends to an extent on the right choice of implants.

With the help of before and after photos, the patient can have a better idea about what kind of look can be achieved with a particular size of implants and a particular type and shape of implants. It is important to make an informed decision in close consultation with the surgeon. The size of implants should ideally be in proportion to the rest of the body in order to achieve a balanced figure. The shape of the implants may be a matter of personal choice, and the surgeon may make a suggestion on the basis of the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Realistic Expectations

One of the key benefits of before and after pictures in case of breast augmentation procedure is that it helps the patient form a realistic expectation from the outcome. In absence of these pictures, sometimes the patient can misunderstand what kind of results can be achieved with implants. In such a situation, even after a successful procedure, the patient will continue to remain dissatisfied or disillusioned with the results.

Best candidates for breast augmentation are usually the ones with realistic expectations. They do not become disappointed in case of a normal and expected outcome, and are in a position to enjoy and feel satisfied with the results.

It can help boost a patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence in the society, if the patient is happy and proud of the results achieved. Before and after pictures eliminate the risk of any misunderstanding, misinterpretation or communication gap between the surgeon and the patient. The patient is in a position to make a clear and informed decision whether to go ahead with the procedure.

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