Sometime in the 40′s, facial aging begins to occur. Initially, this can be interpreted by friends and family as simply looking “tired.” Initially it was believed to just be due to facial skin laxity. But with current research, it is now believed to be due to a combination of factors: changes in skin pigment and texture, increased skin laxity, loss of volume around the eye and cheek, and changes to the underlying facial skeleton. See all before and after plastic surgery gallery pictures.

Simply tightening facial skin will make a face look younger, but the result is usually unnatural (wind-blown or too tight) and is unlikely to produce long-lasting results. Only when all of the issues are addressed simultaneously will a natural, long-lasting result be achieved that is in harmony with your facial proportions.

Facelift Consultation

No two faces are the same and therefore it only makes sense to offer a multitude of different procedures for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Hubbard has had the opportunity to train under and master the techniques of the many world-renowned facelift surgeons. With this training he is able to offer his patients a full range of options to fit their needs.

During the consultation, Dr. Hubbard will review your concerns and discuss all of your surgical and non-surgical options. A plan will be formulated to address your skin care to remove any blotching pigmentation issues, smooth the skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and thicken and tighten the skin. Issues of facial volume will be discussed. Depending on your facial characteristics facial fat may be added, removed or simply moved to restore your youthful appearance.

Finally, Dr. Hubbard will discuss how a surgical facelift could be used to reverse the hands of time. Dr.Hubbard believes in using the deeper, fibrous layers to lift the facial tissues. Using this technique, little to no tension is placed on the skin itself, avoiding the “wind-blown” look that many patients fear. Additionally, using this deeper layer, known as the SMAS, a more long-lasting result can be achieved.

Facelift Care and Recovery

The procedure is performed in our fully accredited surgi-center, which was created specifically for the care of cosmetic patients. Most patient’s also stay one to two nights in our cosmetic surgery hotel. There is full-time nursing coverage to help with all aspects of your recovery. Swelling and bruising can be expected to be socially limiting for the first 7-10 days.

The ultimate goal in facial rejuvenation is to create a youthful appearance that is natural and in harmony with the rest of the face. The only way to accomplish this goal is to address all of the issues of the aging face simultaneously: skin quality, facial volume and skin laxity.

During your consultation Dr. Hubbard will discuss with you your goals and expectations and determine if this is the right procedure for you. To schedule your private consultation with Dr. Hubbard please email our office or call directly at 214.370.4813.

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