Breast Reduction Surgery in the Dallas, Texas Area

Breast reduction is designed for women whose breasts are out of proportion with their body. This procedure removes fat and glandular tissue from the breast while tightening skin to produce smaller breasts that are not only more comfortable to live with, but also have a more youthful shape.

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It is very common for women with large breasts to have medical problems such as neck and back pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, and deteriorating posture. Not to mention social problems like difficulty fitting into clothes, low self-esteem, or difficulty exercising.

For these reasons, breast reduction procedures are covered by many insurance companies. It is important however, to first obtain “pre-approval” from them prior to performing the surgery.  Although it is impossible to predict how insurance companies will respond, most use a formula to calculate medical necessity based on a patients height, weight, and the estimate of how much excess breast tissue exists. If your insurance company will not approve the surgery, reduced pricing options exist.

Breast Reduction Consultation

During the consultation Dr. Bradley Hubbard will first confirm that you are medically fit for the surgical procedure. He will not perform the surgery on anyone who smokes or has been breast feeding within the last 6 months. Additionally, if you are over 35 years-old Dr. Hubbard would request you obtain a mammogram before surgery.

Assuming you are an excellent surgical candidate we would then discuss your goals and expectations of the surgery. After a physical exam we can decide together the best surgical procedure for you.

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery (Wise Pattern Reduction)

This technique involves an incision around the areola, straight down from the areola to the fold beneath the breast and a horizontal scar in the fold. The resulting shape is an upside-down “T” or an anchor. This is ideal for women with extremely large breasts.

Vertical Incision Breast Reduction (Short Scar Reduction)

This technique involves incisions that extend around the areola and down to the breast crease for a lollipop shape. Vertical incision is ideal for women with moderately large breasts and creates shapelier results with less scarring for women who do not require extensive tissue removal.

If Dr. Hubbard feels your breast reduction is medically indicated, he will submit a letter to your insurance provider for pre-authorization.

Breast Reduction Surgery and Recovery

The breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two to four hours, depending on the techniques used and each patient’s individual case. The breast tissue removed is sent to the pathologist for review. No drains are used and the sutures are all absorbable (no sutures need to be removed).

After surgery the majority of patients return home to recover the same day. Swelling and bruising quickly subside over a couple weeks. Most patients return to work and normal activity around 7-10 days. However, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should not be resumed for one month.

The Final Result

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most gratifying surgeries Dr. Hubbard performs. Patients are rewarded with both improvement in the appearance of their breasts and removal of the extra weight pulling on their backs and shoulders. Breast reduction can help patients regain confidence and enjoy a renewed self-image by creating a body contour they are proud of. Scars will continue to fade with time and can be concealed by a bra, bathing suit or low-cut top.

During your consultation Dr. Hubbard will discuss with you your goals and expectations and determine if this is the right procedure for you.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Components

The cost of any cosmetic surgery procedure is influenced by several cost components that may differ from one practice to another. In any case, the cost of breast reduction procedure will vary from one region to another on the basis of the average cost of living in a particular area. For instance, the cost of the procedure in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, or nearby locations will differ from other locations. » Read More

Insurance Coverage for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction plastic surgery in Dallas and other areas may or may not be covered by insurance. Each health insurance company may have slightly different policies with regard to such procedures. » Read more

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