Breast Revision Surgery in the Dallas, Texas Area

Breast revision refers to a large range of procedures for a variety of deformities. Every patient’s anatomy and surgical history are different. Below is a brief list of deformities and and how the surgery can be altered to restore you to a more symmetric and youthful breast shape.

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What Kinds of Imperfections Can Breast Revision Surgery Help?

Change breast implant location

Many woman complain that one or both of their breast implants have shifted over time or were never in the right location from the day of surgery. The most common situation is a breast implant that has fallen too low and/or too to the outside. This results in a breast that has a sagging appearance, no cleavage, and a nipple that is pointed up instead of straight ahead. Surgery for this condition involves: removing the implant, occasionally changing the implant for a different size, and adjusting the implant pocket location. In patients with very thin skin the addition of a biologic mesh sling can help restore the breast implant to a higher and more central location.

Capsular Contracture

Over time, some patients develop firm and sometimes painful scar tissue around their implants. This is known as capsular contracture. In addition to making the implants firmer, the shape and location of the implant can change as the scar tissue continues to contract. There are many surgical options for women with this condition, but in all cases the implants and scar tissue should be removed. It is up to the patient whether she would like to try breast implants again or simply tighten the skin after the implants are removed.

Breast Implant Visibility

With weight loss or loss of breast tissue with aging some implants can become more visible over time. This can be a particularly troublesome complication. If the implant is just under the breast tissue, changing to a placement just behind the chest muscle can be excellent camouflage. If the implant is already behind the muscle, fat transfer becomes the best option. This is a procedure where fat is removed from other places in the body and transferred to the breast.

Abnormal Nipple Position or Abnormal Breast Shape

As a result of aging or previous surgeries, nipple position and breast shape can change over time. Dr. Hubbard can help you decide whether a skin tightening surgery, increasing your breast size, decreasing your breast size or a combination procedure will give you the look you desire.

Is Breast Revision Surgery Right For You?

Surgery is never an easy choice, especially when it comes to revising the outcome of a previous procedure. A second operation is sometimes necessary to get satisfactory results. However, trying to decide whether a breast implant revision is necessary can be difficult. Almost all women want to have beautiful breasts, but many are reluctant to have unnecessary surgeries.

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During your consultation Dr. Hubbard will discuss with you your goals and expectations and determine if breast revision surgery is the right procedure for you.

To schedule your private consultation with Dr. Hubbard please email our office  or call directly at 214.370.4813.

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