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Plastic Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Cost

What are the costs of breast augmentation here in the Dallas, Plano, and Frisco area? For starters, let's cover what breast augmentation is. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size, fullness and volume of breasts. The procedure,clinically known as augmentation mammaplasty, involves surgical placement of saline or silicone gel based breast [...]

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Overview

Breast Augmentation Surgery Dallas Dr. Bradley Hubbard is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, having specialized training in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures. Patients in Plano, Frisco, Dallas and surrounding communities who are looking for an experienced plastic surgeon may consult with Dr. Hubbard. He is also affiliated with Presbyterian Hospitals in Plano [...]

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Bradley Hubbard is a dedicated plastic surgeon providing the latest and effective plastic and reconstructive surgery treatments to patients in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, and surrounding areas. Dr. Hubbard is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, which is a premier practice with offices in Dallas and Plano. Dr. Hubbard’s passion to achieve desired [...]

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Thinking About a Tummy Tuck?

Excess accumulation of fat tissue and loose skin is common in abdominal area. This may occur due to heredity factors, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, aging or other reasons. If the stubborn fat and loose skin do not respond to diet and exercise, a person may have the choice to undergo abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery. Dr. [...]

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Questions About the Costs Behind Plastic Surgery?

Cost Variations in Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery is a vast field today, with effective procedures in place for nearly every part of the body to achieve aesthetic improvement or perform repair and reconstruction. The cost of each procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon is different because the skills, time and resources involved in each procedure [...]

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What Does a Thigh Lift Entail?

Next to the abdominal area, thighs are also prone to developing loose skin. This may occur due to aging, lack of exercise, genetics, substantial weight loss, or other factors. Sometimes the excess skin and cellulite condition may occur along with excess fat tissue in the thighs. In all such conditions, the appearance of the thighs [...]

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Learn About The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is a state of the art practice providing safe, proven, and effective reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures. The practice operates from two office locations in Dallas and Plano, and is fully equipped to deliver comprehensive care to patients from Plano, Frisco, Dallas, and surrounding areas. The Dallas office includes an accredited [...]

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Rhinoplasty ( Nose Job Surgery) Overview

Nose is a crucial part of the anatomy of the face, and makes a difference to a person’s looks. Rhinoplasty or nose job is the surgery of the nose that may be performed for cosmetic or corrective reasons. The surgery must be performed by a skilled surgeon because it involves detailed nuances that can impact [...]

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Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Many overweight and obese people work hard to reduce weight in order to improve their overall health and physical appearance. It requires significant amount of effort and discipline to achieve a major weight loss through diet and exercise. Some people opt for weight loss surgery, if they do not succeed with the [...]

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What Does a Neck Lift Entail?

Neck Lift Surgery Overview Neck lift surgery is designed to improve neck contour and make the neck appear slimmer and in harmony with the face. Some people have long, thin neck, while others may have shorter and thicker neck. A surgical approach to neck lift will depend on the anatomy of an individual’s neck. Dr. [...]

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