Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

Our goal at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is to offer our patients the highest quality surgical and non-surgical care. We have spared no expense in creating safe, comfortable and state-of-the-art facilities to care for all of your cosmetic and reconstructive needs. Our facilities are comprised of three components: Dallas Day Surgery Center, Cloister hotel and EpiCentre.


The Dallas Day Surgery Center

Our surgery center has the highest accreditation achievable for patient safety and is tailored specifically for plastic surgery patients. It offers specialized one-on-one care in a relaxed, unhurried environment. The staff was hand-picked for extensive experience in plastic surgery and our center has one of the lowest patient/nurse ratios among day surgery facilities.


Cloister Hotel

The Cloister is a luxury hotel adjacent to the surgery center. In addition to being the ultimate in both privacy and comfort there is 24hr on-site nursing care. You and your family will feel a

t ease as our experienced nursing staff care for your every need. Before you leave, you will feel comfortable with your dressing changes, drain care, and medication regimen.



The two skin care centers (EpiCentre Plano and Dallas) are nationally renowned skin care facilities providing customized skin treatments. The EpiCentre is devoted to the latest in cosmetic medicine and laser technology. Our highly-trained aestheticians, not only has access to the latest technology and techniques available, but are also involved in anti-aging research to assure the most effective treatments possible. Because of the EpiCentre team’s in-depth knowledge and experience, you can be certain that only the best treatments will be recommended to meet your individual needs.