Breast Augmentation Surgery Lift | Dallas Cosmetic Plastic SurgeonIn many cases, the breasts not only lose firmness and shape, but also experience loss of volume. That makes the breasts appear smaller and sagging at the same time. This condition cannot be improved with a breast implant surgery alone or with a breast lift alone. It requires a combination of the two called breast augmentation with breast lift. Dr. Bradley Hubbard, an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas, performs this combined procedure, depending on the patient’s condition and aesthetic goals.

Sagging Breasts

While breast augmentation can make minor improvement to the sagging breasts and raise their position slightly, but it may not be sufficient if the breast skin has lost elasticity to a significant extent, and the breasts and nipples are drooping substantially. In such cases, breast augmentation with lift is the appropriate cosmetic surgery in Dallas that Dr. Hubbard may recommend for his patients.

The combined procedure is usually completed in two to three hours, depending on the extent of surgery required. As a qualified cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Hubbard prefers to perform this procedure with general anesthesia to ensure total patient comfort. He avoids the use of drains for this surgery, and applies dissolvable sutures so that the patient does not have to visit for removal of sutures later on.

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Procedure

The procedure begins with the placement of incisions through which the breast implants will be inserted. Another incision may be placed to tighten sagging muscles and remove excess skin. Once the implants are placed and loose skin has been removed, the incisions are closed. With this procedure, the patient can have fuller and raised breasts, lifted nipples and areolas, and tightened, smooth skin to make the breasts appear more youthful and attractive.

Breast augmentation and lift plastic surgery in Dallas with Dr. Hubbard can be performed as an outpatient procedure. Patient can resume regular daily activities within a week or 10 days following surgery. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercises should be avoided for about one month.

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