Breast Lift Before and After Photos

breast lift surgery augmentation before after photos dallasMany times the patients may only have a vague idea about what a breast lift plastic surgery can or cannot do for them. Therefore, one of the goals of the cosmetic surgeon during the initial consultation is to educate the patient about the procedure, and explain the most appropriate treatment options as per her general health condition and personal aesthetic goals. As an experienced plastic surgeon for patients in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and nearby areas, Dr. Bradley Hubbard explains the procedure with the help of before and after photos.

Breast lift ‘before and after photos’ refer to a set of images belonging to a previous patient who has successfully undergone the same procedure. The set includes pictures taken before and after the procedure to show the real difference the surgery can make to the patient’s appearance.

The cosmetic surgeon can use these pictures during the initial consultation for a new patient to explain various aspects of the procedure clearly. If the patient is confused between procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift or a combination of the two, she will be in a better position to make an informed choice with the help of before and after photos.


In some cases, the patient may misunderstand the procedure despite the best explanations of the plastic surgeon. By using breast lift before and after photos as a visual aid, the surgeon can effectively explain the potential outcome of the surgery. If other procedures such as breast implants, liposuction or breast reduction need to be combined with breast lift, it is possible to explain the outcomes with different treatment options if before and after images are available for all such options. Dr. Hubbard tries to ensure that these cosmetic surgery images are available at his office for patients in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and other areas.

Realistic Expectations

A typical problem in some cases of plastic surgery procedures such as breast lift is that the patient may form wrong expectations regarding what the procedure can accomplish. In such a situation, even if the final outcome is very successful, the patient may end up being disappointed because her expectations have not been fulfilled. This unpleasant scenario can be avoided entirely when the cosmetic surgeon makes use of before and after images at the time of initial consultation. This helps the patient to form realistic expectations and make an informed decision about it.

Online Images

A breast lift surgeon may choose to provide various breast lift before and after images of previous on his or her practice website. These images can be uploaded in digitized form for free access to anyone who visits the site. The surgeon may provide these pictures in a discreet manner with the consent of the patient to whom the pictures belong. A new patient can simply visit the website from the comfort and privacy of her home or office, and review the pictures before even deciding to visit the surgeon’s office for a consultation.

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