Breast Lift Augmentation | Sagging | Dallas Plastic SurgeonBreasts tend to lose their firmness and shape with age as the muscles become weaker and the skin loses its elasticity. Loss of firmness in breasts may also occur due to heredity factors, breast feeding, major weight loss, and gravitational forces. Women who are unhappy about the sagging breasts and nipples pointing downwards can improve the condition with breast lift surgery. Dr. Bradley Hubbard is a qualified plastic surgeon in Dallas for breast lift. He performs the procedure with an aim to restore the youthful appearance of breasts, while taking care to keep the scarring to minimum.

Sagging Breasts

In most cases, the condition of sagging breasts and overstretched skin cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. That makes breast surgery an effective option to restore breast firmness and shape. Before recommending breast lift cosmetic surgery in Dallas to a patient, Dr. Hubbard carefully evaluates the patient’s health condition, breast size and symmetry, and medical history. If a lift is the best option, he will advise the pros and cons, and explain where the scar is likely to be. The size of the scar will depend on the extent of lift required.

Experienced Dallas Plastic Surgeon

As an experienced breast lift cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Hubbard aims to minimize scarring, and may place the incision around the areola in case of minor lifts. Breast lift surgery is usually completed within two hours, and performed under general anesthesia. The placement of drains is not necessary, and Dr. Hubbard will use absorbable stitches, which do not require removal later on. Patients can usually return home the same day, but they should have someone available to drive them home.

Following breast lift plastic surgery in Dallas, Dr. Hubbard requires the patient to wear a non-underwire sports bra full-time for a week or two. The patient can go back to work in about a week or 10 days, but she should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical work for about four weeks afterwards.

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