Breast Reconstruction Surgery | Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon DallasIn some cases, a woman may lose a breast following a mastectomy, lumpectomy or severe trauma that causes major breast damage. Mastectomy or lumpectomy is performed to eliminate breast cancer. Breast reconstruction can be performed to restore the breast appearance. Dr. Bradley Hubbard is a qualified plastic surgeon in Dallas for breast reconstruction surgery. He suggests that the procedure may be performed immediately following a mastectomy, or depending on the situation or patient’s specific needs, the procedure may be delayed to a later date.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction may even be performed several years later if the patient decides to restore their breast’s appearance. Breast reconstruction plastic surgery in Dallas with Dr. Hubbard can be performed using different approaches. The best approach can be determined in coordination between the surgeon and the patient. In most cases, breast reconstruction may be covered by insurance because it is not considered a purely cosmetic procedure. Dr. Hubbard advises his patients to obtain a prior approval from the insurance company.

Dr. Hubbard is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, who will discuss all aspects of the restorative surgery process such as the diagnosis, future need for radiation therapy and aesthetic goals of the patient. Reconstruction may involve breast implants, in which case a tissue expander is placed first. The expander is gradually enlarged to allow the patient to choose the appropriate size of breasts. Once the correct size is determined, the expanders are surgically removed and replaced with permanent breast implants.

A Different Approach

In some cases, the patient may opt for a different approach that involves the use of her own tissue from another part of the body. In a majority of such cases, excess fat and skin from the abdominal area is transplanted to the breasts. This technique has the advantage of improved breast symmetry. The results appear more natural compared to implants. However, the surgery is more extensive and the patient should have extra fat and skin to create the required breast size.

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