Brow Lift Plastic Surgery Frisco | Plano | Dallas Cosmetic SurgeonEye brows can have a significant impact on the facial appearance and perceived age of an individual. When the brows begin to sag or become furrowed, excess skin may develop around the eyes. This can make a person appear angry, sad or tired. Dr. Bradley Hubbard is an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas for brow lift surgery. This surgery can remove excess skin from the brows to clear any obstruction to vision and improve facial aesthetics. An experienced surgeon will ensure over-lifting of the brow is avoided because it can cause a startled or surprised appearance.

Creases & Wrinkles

Brows may also develop creases and wrinkles, particularly in the area between the eyes and across the forehead. With brow lift cosmetic surgery in Dallas with Dr. Hubbard, a patient can achieve permanent results rather than depend on frequent Botox treatments. During the initial consultation, Dr. Hubbard will examine the condition of brows, eyes and other facial features to determine if brow lift is the appropriate procedure.

As a qualified cosmetic surgeon in Dallas for brow lift, Dr. Hubbard follows a customized approach to surgery in accordance with the unique needs of a patient. One of the key decisions is to choose between an endoscopic, bicornonal and hairline incision. Patients having a low hairline may benefit more from an endoscopic or bicoronal incision. The endoscopic technique involves fewer incisions and reduced risk of loss of scalp sensation. However, the permanence of results is also reduced.

Elevated Hairline

For patients with an elevated hairline, Dr. Hubbard recommends brow lift plastic surgery in Dallas using the hairline incision technique. The beveled incision in this case allows for re-growth of hair through the incision line, which makes the scar less visible. Bruising and swelling may remain after the surgery for one to two weeks. The patient can expect to resume regular activities within two weeks. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

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