Facial Fat Transfer Plastic Surgery | Liposuction Dallas | Plano Due to aging and other factors, facial skin may not only lose elasticity and develop sagginess and wrinkles, but an overall depletion of facial volume may also take place. Loss of volume combined with loose skin and wrinkles can make a person appear older than his or her age. Dr. Bradley Hubbard, an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas, provides an effective surgical solution called facial fat transfer to address this condition. This procedure helps restore the facial volume, which makes the face appear fuller and more natural.

Long Term Solution

While dermal filler injection treatments are available to provide temporary volumizing of the face, but facial fat transfer is a long-term solution. Dr. Hubbard recommends this cosmetic surgery in Dallas to his patients who are looking for deeper and longer lasting results to restore their facial volume and reduce the signs of aging. The procedure involves transfer of excess fat from other areas in the body to augment the face and reduce wrinkles, creases and folds. Since body’s own fat is utilized, the procedure becomes completely biocompatible and natural.

What is a Facial Fat Transfer?

Dr. Hubbard performs a detailed assessment of the facial features and availability of excess fat in a patient before recommending this procedure. The procedure involves harvesting of live fat cells through liposuction, which are then transplanted or injected underneath the deeper layers of the skin just like temporary facial fillers. The transplanted fat becomes permanent filler, but it in future it will fluctuate as the body fat and weight increases or decreases.

Dr. Hubbard recommends facial fat transfer plastic surgery for patients who have a relatively more stable body weight. Fat cells may be injected in nasolabial folds, which may occur due to cheek dissent. If the corners of the mouth have turned down with age, the filler can support and upturn them. Lip augmentation for women can also be achieved with this procedure.

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