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Neck Lift Surgery Overview

Neck lift surgery is designed to improve neck contour and make the neck appear slimmer and in harmony with the face. Some people have long, thin neck, while others may have shorter and thicker neck. A surgical approach to neck lift will depend on the anatomy of an individual’s neck. Dr. Bradley Hubbard, a well-established plastic surgeon in Dallas, provides neck lift surgery using the latest techniques. He may suggest a combination of facelift and neck lift in cases where better overall harmony can be achieved with the two procedures performed in conjunction.

Dr. Hubbard explains to his patients for neck cosmetic surgery in Dallas that approach to neck surgery may differ for younger and older patients. Patients who are below the age of 30 will usually have high skin elasticity. In such cases, neck lift can be performed with smaller incisions, resulting in well concealed scars. The patient’s skin will naturally shrink and conform to the slimmer shape of the neck in such cases, and excess skin removal may not be necessary.

An Experienced Plastic Surgeon

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Hubbard says that in patients above the age of 40 or 50, skin laxity is usually high, which means the incisions will have to be longer to tighten underlying muscles, remove excess fat and allow the neck skin to conform to the new shape. At this age, it is usually advisable to opt for a combination of facelift and neck lift in order to achieve a more harmonious, youthful looking profile.

Dr. Hubbard performs neck lift plastic surgery in Dallas at his fully accredited facility. If the surgery is extensive and involves both the neck and the face, he may recommend overnight stay for the patient. The facility is backed by a full-time nursing coverage to look after and support all aspects of post-surgical recovery. Patients should expect swelling and bruising to continue for about a week to 10 days after they go home.

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