Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Dallas | Plano | Frisco TexasShould you treat yourself to post weight loss surgery?  Real and substantial weight loss is hard: it requires a lot of planning and willpower, as well as daily commitment and dedication to a new and healthier lifestyle.  So if you have successfully lost a significant amount of weight, then congratulations!  You deserve a lot of praise for your dedication accomplishing such an impressive goal.

But there can be a problem that keeps you from fully enjoying the “new you”.  After massive weight loss, many people are left with excess skin, as the elastic fibers in your skin cells no longer shrink down to cover your smaller frame.  It’s disheartening to have done so much work, and to have successfully lost a large amount of weight, only to still to be unhappy with how you look in your skin.

For many patients, the solution is skin tightening surgery.  If you’re considering whether post weight loss surgery is right for you, here are three big factors to consider:

1.    You can have post weight loss surgery in several areas.  Every patient’s body and situation is unique, and Dr. Hubbard starts with a detailed consultation to ensure that surgery is safe for you and to learn about your desires for your body.  That being said, many patients find that having skin tightening surgery in several areas is the most effective solution, whether they are done all in one procedure or spaced out over a number of months.  After massive weight loss, patients often choose a combination of arm lifts, breasts lifts, thigh lifts and tummy tucks to help their skin fit their new, healthier body.

2.    Post weight loss surgery is a specialized procedure that requires an experienced surgeon.  The standard methods of performing these plastic surgery procedures are not optimal for post weight loss patients.  For example, a typical arm lift involves an incision from the arm pit to the elbow, but in massive weight loss patients this can leave excess skin on the elbow and chest.  You owe it to yourself to find a specialist who is experienced in adapting traditional plastic surgery procedures to create the best-looking body for massive weight loss patients.

3.    Each patient’s recovery time is as unique as the treatments they choose.  There is no rule of thumb for after care and recovery after massive weight loss surgery, because your recovery time depends on which combination of treatments you have.  That’s yet another reason to choose a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon who will work with you to meet your priorities, while also educating you on the risks and repercussions of the treatments you’re interested in.

If you have lost large amounts of weight but you’re still unhappy with your body, Dr. Hubbard can help.  He has extensive training in plastic surgery, additional specialized training in aesthetic surgery, and years of experience conducting successful surgeries to help his patients look and feel their best.

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