Loss Sensation, Feeling After Breast Augmentation DallasI am 34 and thinking about getting breast implants mostly to even out my chest (one breast is a C-cup, the other is a B-cup).  I want my breasts to look better and more symmetrical, but I am really scared of losing sensation in this area. What I want to know is – Will breast implants cause me to lose sensation in my breasts?  Is there anything I can do to avoid this, or is it inevitable if I undergo breast augmentation? Thanks a lot!

Temporary vs Permanent Sensory Changes After Breast Augmentation

This is a more complicated question than it seems!  The simple answer is: yes temporarily sensation changes are common and yes there are things you can do to avoid this.

Here is a more detailed summary of what we know to be true about sensation changes after augmentation:

  • Temporary nipple/areola sensation changes are common, affecting the majority of patients. Some patients become too sensitive, while the majority are less sensitive.
  • You will know if these changes are permanent after six months.
  • Permanent sensory loss in the nipple/areola is very rare, <1%.
  • Permanent decreased sensitivity of the nipple/areola is uncommon. The rate is somewhere between 2-15%, depending on which study you believe.

What can you do to prevent sensory loss?

  • Larger implants are associated with decreased sensation, but not associated with higher risk of complete loss. Interestingly, woman that are naturally large breasted also have much lower nipple/areola sensitivity. This means that the nerves to the nipple/areola are being injured by breast size, regardless if the breasts were natural or surgically enhanced.
  • Some older studies have shown that periareolar incision has a higher risk for nipple/areola sensory loss, while some studies say there is no difference.
  • There is some evidence that a infra mammary incision will decrease the sensation to the skin of the lower breast.
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