Breast Implant Revision Surgery | Dr. Bradley Hubbard | Dallas TXBreast revision surgery may be required if the breast implants become mal-positioned, distorted, damaged or develop capsular contracture. Dr. Bradley Hubbard, a qualified plastic surgeon in Dallas, provides breast revision surgery to address the deformities and restore more symmetric and healthy looking breasts. In some cases, a woman may be dissatisfied with the location of implants from the beginning, or the implant may shift from its position over time.

Correcting Breast Implant Surgery

Breast revision cosmetic surgery in Dallas with Dr. Hubbard can correct this condition. The surgery involves removal of implant and adjusting the location of the implant pocket. In some cases, the implant may have to be replaced. Some patients of breast augmentation may also experience hardening of breast capsule due to scar tissue formation. This can result in capsular contracture. In severe conditions of contracture, breast revision surgery is necessary. Dr. Hubbard is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Dallas to treat capsular contracture.

Breast revision surgery may become necessary in some cases when the implants tend to become more visible. This can occur due to weight loss or loss of breast tissue due to aging factor. If the original location of the implant is beneath the breast tissue, the location can be changed to behind the chest muscle to camouflage the implant. However, if the implant is already behind the chest muscle, fat transfer may be necessary. In this case, liposuction is performed in areas where sufficient fat is available, and the fat cells are transferred to the breast to hide the implant.

Nipple Position

In some cases, breast shape or nipple position may get distorted due to aging or as a result of other surgeries. Dr. Hubbard performs breast revision plastic surgery in Dallas for such patients to increase or decrease breast size, or perform a skin tightening procedure to achieve the desired breast appearance. Sometimes women may need breast implant replacement or removal to fulfill their changed aesthetic goals, and breast revision can help meet their coveted objectives.

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