Breast Implants Surgery Cost Dallas | Plano | Frisco TXBreast augmentation ranks among the more popular plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. today. Advancements in breast surgery techniques and improved quality of breast implants have led more people to choose this procedure for aesthetic enhancement of breasts.  But what are the costs of breast implants and breast enhancement.

Breast Implants: The Cost Factors

The cost of breast implant cosmetic surgery may differ between two practices due to various cost factors. The cost may also vary from one patient to another at the same practice due to certain factors.

Geographical Location of the Breast Enhancement Practice

The cost of breast implant surgery in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or nearby areas may differ from the cost of the same procedure in Las Vegas, NV. The cost of living in each geographical region can be different, which may impact the average cost of most goods and services in that area, including services provided by a cosmetic surgeon.

Fee Charged by the Cosmetic Surgeon

One of the factors that can impact the overall cost of breast implant procedure is the fee charged by the plastic surgeon. The fee may vary according to the skills, experience and reputation of a particular surgeon, or due to other reasons. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) suggests that patients should choose the right surgeon for their cosmetic surgery needs, and surgeon’s fee should only be viewed as a secondary consideration.

Surgical Facility and Anesthesia Costs

Breast implants procedure may be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The fee of the anesthesia team may depend on their skills and experience. If the procedure is performed at a state of the art surgical facility with very high quality resources and services, the cost of the facility may vary from that of an average operating room.

Other Breast Enhancement Cost Considerations

Patients should also consider the costs of mammograms, medical tests, prescription medications, post-op visits to the surgeon’s office, and surgical garments that may be required. All these costs can add up to be a substantial part of the overall cost of breast implant plastic surgery.

The cost of breast implants can significantly impact the overall cost of procedure. The cost of some of the latest qualities in highly cohesive silicone gel implants may be considerably higher than that of traditional saline implants. Size, shape, and texture of implants may also affect their cost to an extent.

According to the ASPS, the national average cost of breast implant surgery in the United States in 2012 stood at $3,543. However, this cost does not include the costs of anesthesia, surgical facility costs, and other related expenses.

Insurance and Financing

Breast implant surgery is typically an elective procedure performed for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, the cost will not be covered under the patient’s health insurance plan. However, if the procedure is performed for medical reasons, the cost may be fully or partially covered as per the patient’s health plan. Financing for the procedure is available to most patients through professional medical care finance companies.

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