Breast reduction surgeryBreast Reduction Surgery | Dr. Hubbard| Plano, Dallas, Frisco TX is essentially the converse of breast augmentation. This procedure is suited for women who are unhappy with the excessively large size of their breasts. Such breasts may not only make the body appear disproportionate, but may also cause pain in the back and neck, discomfort in shoulders, and hindrance in movement or exercise. The body posture may also become inappropriate due to oversized breasts.

Removal of Excess Fat

Breast reduction cosmetic surgery involves removal of excess fat and glandular tissue from the breast. At the same time, excess skin is removed to ensure the skin remains tight and firm when the breasts are shaped to a smaller size. The goal is to bring the breasts in proportion to the rest of the body in order to produce a more harmonized body appearance and more youthful looking breasts.

According to Dr. Hubbard, who is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, breast reduction surgery may be covered by insurance in cases where it is performed to improve posture, reduce pain and discomfort and help the patient regain flexible body movement. Patients should obtain advance approval from the insurance company before going ahead with the procedure. The doctor will assess a patient’s medical condition and fitness level to determine whether she is a fabulous candidate for breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Breast reduction plastic surgery may involve the traditional technique or short scar reduction technique. The traditional technique, ideal for women with excessively large breasts, begins by making an incision around the areola, which continues downwards to form an upside-down T-shape. Short scar reduction technique involves a vertical incision that is more suited for women with moderately large breasts. The results are shapelier and scars are lesser with this technique. The entire procedure can take two to four hours, and is performed under general anesthesia.

Dr. Bradley Hubbard is a committed plastic surgeon in Dallas who provides breast reduction surgery in such cases. For more information on plastic surgery procedures and treatments performed schedule a consultation or call 214-370-4813