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Have you been eating right and exercising for months but just can’t seem to get your old body back after having children? New moms experience inward changes with the birth of each child, as well as outward changes.

Weight gain, weight loss, hormones, breastfeeding, stretch marks, all part of the new mom package, can drastically change your physical appearance. In addition to diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, moms are looking to plastic surgery to help get their pre-baby body back, or in many cases better than their pre-baby body. Enter one of plastic surgery’s fastest growing procedures- The Mommy Makeover.

What exactly is a Mommy Makeover? A Mommy Makeover usually consists of liposuction (tummy, back or thighs), a breast lift, augmentation or reduction, and a tummy tuck. Read more about Mommy Makeovers here.


It takes about six weeks to recover fully from a Mommy Makeover. You will not be able to exercise for the first six weeks. After six weeks, with your plastic surgeon’s approval you can resume working out. So if you want to hit the beach in a bikini you should schedule a minimum of six weeks of recovery. Ideally you want to schedule your Mommy Makeover with a three-month lead time, so you have an additional six weeks to get into a healthy workout routine and diet regimen.


Recovery Day One: After Mommy Makeover Surgery

You will have been under anesthesia so you will wake up groggy and tired. When you are released you will need a caregiver 24 hours a day for the first few days. It will be a challenge to get up and down and move around a lot. You need to rest your body.

Recovery Week 1- 2: After Mommy Makeover Surgery

Bed rest is important during this first week. Recovery is comparable to C-section recovery. You need to rest and relax for the first two weeks. Patients heal at different rates, but the recovery time in the first two weeks is very important. No driving if you are on pain medication.

-No physical activity, with the exception of walking 50-100ft every hour while awake (8-10x/day) to prevent blood clots in the legs
-No picking up things or lifting heavy objects (children)
-As little stress (physical and emotional) as possible
-Healthy lifestyle choices (no smoking or heavy drinking)

Recovery Week 3-5: After Mommy Makeover Surgery

You can gradually resume your normal routines. Still no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise though. Patients usually begin a walking regimen, not fast but some distance is okay. The vast majority of patients are off pain medication after two weeks. Therefore driving is expected at this point.

Recovery Week 6: Going Forward After Mommy Makeover Surgery

As long as your plastic surgeon gives you the “go ahead”, you can exercise and resume your normal activities. Don’t forget to eat right and make healthy choices. Your stamina might be lower since you have not been as active as before.

Six weeks is a good general recovery time. You could schedule a vacation for now or add another six weeks to hit the gym, eat right, and shop for a new bikini.

Interested in learning more about what a Mommy Makeover and the recovery time associated with the procedures? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hubbard today to discover how plastic surgery can help you restore your body to its pre-pregnancy form or better. See our Mommy Makeovers before and after pictures here.