Liposuction in Dallas, TX

Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed in America. The procedure is relatively simple to understand; excess fat is suctioned through several small incisions with suction. As a quick review of the internet will show you, the procedure is not simple to perform and complications abound. It is wise to make sure your doctor is a plastic surgeon with significant experience with liposuction. See all before and after plastic surgery gallery pictures.

Over the last several decades plastic surgeons have begun to utilize the removed fat cells and inject or transfer them to other parts of the body. Fat injections have been used as a facial filler, to augment the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift), to revise previous liposuction, and in breast augmentation.

Liposuction Consultation

There are a few important concepts to know before having liposuction. Liposuction does not significantly change your weight; it changes your shape, changing body shape gives the illusion of weight loss. No matter what form of liposuction you have, your skin has to shrink to fit the new slimmer you. For some patients who have lost skin elasticity, due to age or significant weight loss, liposuction may leave them with hanging excess skin. In these patients liposuction should be combined with a skin tightening procedure (arm lift, thigh lift, back lift, or tummy tuck).

During the consultation, Dr. Hubbard will help you determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction. Using digital imaging technology, Dr. Hubbard will demonstrate what you can realistically expect from the procedure. This demonstration will also help you rely to Dr. Hubbard your areas of highest concern.

Liposuction After Care and Recovery

The surgery itself is highly variable depending on the number and size of the areas to be addressed. Liposuction of the neck might only take 30 minutes, where liposuction of the back, abdomen, and flanks might take 3 hours. For patient comfort the surgery is usually done under general anesthesia, although slight sedation is available for shorter or smaller procedures. There are no drains and the small incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches (e.g. no sutures need to be removed). Each patient is fitted with a compression garment at the end of the procedure to reduce swelling and encourage the skin to shrink down to fit the new slimmer you.

For larger procedures, patients can elect to stay overnight in our post surgical hotel suits or go home. Either way, patients should be closely monitored for 2-3 days following surgery. If the liposuction volume exceeds 4 liters of fat an overnight stay is required.

Long term recovery can vary in patients. Usually patients are able to perform most daily activity unassisted after several days, sometimes less. The swelling that is associated with liposuction takes 4-6 weeks to be mostly gone, however the final result should not be judged until 3 months.

Liposuction is a great procedure if performed safely, correctly and on the right patient. During your consultation Dr. Hubbard will discuss with you your goals and expectations and determine if this is the right procedure for you. To schedule your private consultation with Dr. Hubbard please email our office  or call directly at 214.370.4813.

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