Post Massive Weight Loss Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Dallas TX

Weight Loss Surgery

Many overweight and obese people work hard to reduce weight in order to improve their overall health and physical appearance. It requires significant amount of effort and discipline to achieve a major weight loss through diet and exercise. Some people opt for weight loss surgery, if they do not succeed with the natural efforts of diet and exercise. However, in almost every case of massive weight loss, the person is left with excess skin in parts of the body where the fats have reduced substantially.

Dr. Bradley Hubbard, an experienced plastic surgeon in Dallas, explains that once human skin has been stretched considerably, the elastic fibers do not shrink back to fit the smaller body, following a substantial weight loss. Since there is no minimally invasive or non-invasive procedure available to remove loose skin, Dr. Hubbard provides cosmetic surgery in Dallas to reduce loose skin, and to make the body appear smoother and more youthful. His goal in every post massive weight loss surgery is to achieve the best possible contour and skin tightening, while ensuring that the scar remains concealed in the least obvious areas.

An Experienced Plastic Surgeon

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Dallas for this surgery, Dr. Hubbard feels that it is best to customize the procedure in accordance with the patient’s needs. Each patient has a different set of priorities and aesthetic expectations, and a standard procedure will not help achieve patient satisfaction in every case. Dr. Hubbard also ensures that safety of the patient is the topmost priority, and evaluates the medical and nutritional health of the patient before recommending surgery.

Dr. Hubbard says that his approach to cosmetic surgery for patients of post massive weight loss is different for each procedure that may have to be performed. These differences can be seen in arm lift, breast lift, tummy tuck, and other procedures where one of the key concerns is to reduce excess loose skin along with achieving other goals of the surgery.

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